The Econotron Model

An econometric model of the world economy.

All USA Forecasts


This excel sheet contains quarterly historical data and quarterly forecasts until Q4 2011 for the following time series of the US economy:



-Effective Federal Funds Rate

-10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate

-Share Price

-Canada /  US Foreign Exchange Rate

-Japan /  US Foreign Exchange Rate

-Industrial Production

-Harmonised Unemployment Rate

-Consumer Price Index

-University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment

-Light Weight Vehicle Sales: Autos & Light Trucks

-Housing Starts: 2-4 Units

-New One Family Houses Sold: United States

-New Private Housing Units Authorized by Building Permit

-Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods

-Capacity Utilization: Total Industry

-Inventories: Total Business

-Civilian Employment

-Corporate Net Cash Flow

-Corporate Profits After Tax

-Net Corporate Dividends

-Nonfinancial Corporate Business: Profits After Tax

-Employment Cost Index: Wages & Salaries

-Business Sector: Compensation Per Hour

-Business Sector: Hours of All Persons


-Real Retail and Food Services Sales

-E-Commerce Retail Sales

-Gross Domestic Product, 1 Decimal

-Personal Consumption Expenditures

-Gross Private Domestic Investment

-Federal Consumption Expenditures & Gross Investment

-Exports of Goods & Services

-Imports of Goods & Services

-M2 Money Stock

-University of Michigan Inflation Expectation

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